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The Diomed Group

A remarkable healthcare group.

The Diomed Group is remarkable for many reasons:

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Independent and privately owned

Founded nearly 60 years ago, we are an independent, family-run business. Competing in an industry dominated by large multi-nationals, the Group has flourished as a private, British enterprise.

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Brand leaders

Most of our business is conducted in the UK, where several products rank as brand leaders in their categories.

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Full vertical integration

The Diomed Group brings together research, development, manufacture, marketing and distribution under one umbrella - something rarely seen in a relatively small, family owned company.

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Our steady evolution

1963 – Dermal Laboratories was founded by a London physician to develop, market and distribute pharmaceutical products to dermatologists.

1970 - We moved from London to our present location in rural Hertfordshire.

1970s - Dermal grew rapidly, broadening from supplying speciality products for dermatologists to include prescription products for GPs and nurses.

1980s - We adopted the name Diomed Developments for our parent company, and acquired large, new warehouse premises at Kempston.

1990s – We expanded into the OTC market and also acquired Aeropak, to become the Diomed Group of companies.

2013 – A new "Springwood Research Centre" was opened on our Hitchin site, representing our dedication to innovation and continued research.

2017 - A new “Sunbeam Development Laboratory” was constructed at our Kempston site.

2019 - A new “Whitefield Wing” was added to the Springwood Research Centre.

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