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Nicam Gel

Nicam Gel

Nicam Gel is an effective non-antibiotic gel for the treatment of mild to moderate inflammatory acne -characterised by inflamed pimples (papules) and spots containing pus (pustules).

Nicam Gel contains nicotinamide, the physiologically active form of vitamin B3, which has significant anti-inflammatory activity. It is not considered to be an irritant and does not bleach hair, clothes or bed linen. Its efficacy has been shown to be comparable to one of the commonly prescribed topical antibiotics (click here to view the article) but it is not associated with the emergence of resistant bacterial strains.

Leaflets available online:

Acne management - a guide for patients

Nicam Gel
nicotinamide 4.0% w/w gel
60g tube £7.10 (NHS price ex. VAT) [P]