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A ultimate healthcare group

Diomed Developments

Diomed Developments is a remarkable healthcare group for many reasons. Unusually for a successful business in an industry dominated by giant multi-nationals, the Diomed Group is an independent, privately owned group of companies.

Also unusually, for such a relatively small company, the Diomed Group's infrastructure reflects full vertical integration - comprising research, development, manufacture, marketing and distribution.


Dermal Laboratories

Founded in 1963, Dermal Laboratories was established to research, develop and market dermatological products, primarily intended for prescription.

The Company's expertise focuses on the formulation of pharmaceutical preparations to treat or to be applied to the skin, paying particular attention to therapeutic bio-availability and patient acceptability.


Diomed OTC

In the course of the 1990s, the marketing of OTC (over the counter) medicines came to represent a major part of the Diomed Group's activities.

As expansion continued into this area, a separate division became necessary to handle the marketing and licensing of these products. This division was eventually to become Diomed Pharmaceuticals.



In 1998, the Diomed Group acquired Aeropak (Chemical Products) Limited, a contract manufacturer specialising in volatile pharmaceuticals, enabling the group to secure its long-term strategic supply.