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Dermal Laboratories' R&D programme mainly focuses on topically applied medicines for treating skin and other diseases.

The work is driven by three inter-related objectives: technological innovation, clinical performance and patient acceptability.

This makes the products popular, particularly with patients, and encourages their proper use, so maximising therapeutic, and cost-effective, benefit.

Over the years, Dermal has amassed a wealth of technical expertise in formulating bio-available topically applied medicines and has developed several pioneering products, many of which have become brand leaders in their therapeutic categories.

Dermal has applied its considerable formulation expertise to developing a range of adhesive, flexible wart paints and gels that patients can apply with accuracy, thus reducing irritation to surrounding skin and, in many cases, avoiding the need for protective adhesive plasters whilst minimising the risk of spreading the wart virus.

Another example of Dermal's productive R&D programme includes a specially stabilised hydrogen peroxide cerumenolytic that can make ear syringing much easier (and in some cases even make syringing unnecessary).

Dermal has developed a range of effective emollients with specially customised formulations and presentations to meet the needs of different patients' individual circumstances and lifestyles. These include separate emollients optimised for use in the bath, under the shower, or for general application at any time of day.  Furthermore, they include lotions, creams and gels cleverly formulated to make them cosmetically elegant and ‘non-greasy'.

More recently, Dermal have developed an emollient with an ancillary anti-inflammatory medicinal substance to help reduce inflammation and redness, which with regular use may help reduce the amount of topical steroids required. Click here to find out more.

Some of Dermal's emollients also contain antimicrobial ingredients to combat Staphylococcus aureus, which has been shown to aggravate eczema and its associated itching. Again, despite the fact that some antiseptic ingredients can be harsh on the skin, Dermal's emollients have been specially formulated to make them dermatologically very gentle indeed.

Dermal's extensive research programme also involves applying their topical formulation technology to provide ways of delivering medicines not restricted to skin disease that hitherto had only been administered orally. This trans-dermal technology allows local therapeutic drug delivery whilst minimising the likelihood of side-effects associated with systemic absorption, as exemplified by their range of topical analgesic ibuprofen products.

Dermal are continually developing novel treatments, in many cases working in partnerships with a network of clinical experts and hospital dermatology departments, and many new product launches are on the horizon.