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Psoriderm Range

Psoriderm range

A unique range of distilled coal tar preparations for the treatment of sub-acute and chronic psoriasis:

  • for widespread plaques: Psoriderm Bath Emulsion, a coal tar bath additive
  • for local plaques: Psoriderm Cream, coal tar directly onto the skin
  • for scalp psoriasis: Psoriderm Scalp Lotion, a coal tar shampoo

Psoriderm Bath Emulsion
distilled coal tar 40.0% w/v bath additive
200ml bottle £2.74 (NHS price ex. VAT) [P]

Psoriderm Cream
distilled coal tar 6.0% w/w, lecithin 0.4% w/w cream
225 ml jar £9.42 (NHS price ex. VAT) [P]

Psoriderm Scalp Lotion
distilled coal tar 2.5% w/v shampoo
250ml bottle £4.74 (NHS price ex. VAT) [P]