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Adex Gel


Adex Gel is a highly moisturising and protective emollient which has an ancillary anti-inflammatory medicinal substance. Adex Gel may be helpful in the treatment and routine management of dry and/or inflamed skin conditions such as mild to moderate atopic dermatitis, various forms of eczema, contact dermatitis and psoriasis where the anti-inflammatory action added to the emollient action may be beneficial e.g. during flares.

Adex Gel may help improve patient outcomes by offering a novel emollient preparation which is not only highly moisturising but also anti-inflammatory, making adherence simple and convenient.

Patients can be reassured that Adex Gel does not contain topical corticosteroids and therefore avoids the potential side effects associated with such prescriptions. is a website designed to provide further information on Adex Gel and dry skin conditions prone to inflammation for Healthcare Professionals and patients. Click here to visit AdexSmall

Adex Gel Evidence

  • In a trial involving eczema and psoriasis patients using Adex Gel, nearly 95% of patients stated that their skin condition benefited from using Adex Gel, and the Medical Investigator considered that for nearly all patients Adex Gel was a helpful and convenient addition to their treatment regime.1

  • Approximately half of the patients reported that they needed to use less of their other anti-inflammatory treatments. The remainder reported that they used about the same, and nobody stated that they used more of their anti-inflammatory treatments.1

  • Patients’ responses in relation to clinical performance and key acceptability attributes were very positive, ranging from 81% to 100%.1

Patient Feedback on Performance and Acceptability – percentage of patients that “agreed” or “agreed strongly”1

Adex Table

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1. Gallagher J., Rosher P., Walker J. and Hart V. Open-label evaluation of a novel anti-inflammatory emollient gel in eczema and psoriasis. Data presented at the 15th EADV Spring Symposium, May 2018, Budva, Montenegro.

Adex Gel - Further information

100g tube £2.69 (NHS price ex. VAT); 500g pump dispenser £5.99 (NHS price ex. VAT). NHS prescribable. Class III Medical device with an ancillary medicinal substance.

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