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Psoriasis is a recurrent skin condition affecting around 2% of the UK population.

The skin is made of several layers of different types of cells which are continuously being renewed. The renewal process normally takes 3 to 4 weeks, but psoriatic cells can renew in just 2 days. Live cells reach the surface and accumulate with the dead cells in visible layers.

Psoriasis appears as raised red patches of skin covered with silvery scales. It can occur on any part of the body although elbows, knees and the scalp are usual sites.

Psoriasis is a dry and inflamed skin condition. To find out more about how to keep dry skin hydrated please click here.

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Dithranol cream for the topical treatment of plaque psoriasis including psoriasis of the scalp. Dithrocream is available in a range of strengths, the potent 2% strength is only available on prescription.
Summary of Product Characteristics and Patient information leaflet


Psoriderm Bath Emulsion, Psoriderm Cream, Psoriderm Scalp Lotion
Purified coal tar preparations for treatment of sub-acute and chronic psoriasis.