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Acne is a common skin disorder affecting 80% of adolescents. Fortunately, acne usually improves with age, although in some cases it may persist well beyond the teenage years.

Acne occurs when hormones called androgens stimulate the sebaceous glands (small oil glands adjacent to the fine hairs on the face, back and chest) to produce an excess quantity of oil (sebum). The excess production of sebum blocks the hair duct and forms a plug resulting in blackheads or whiteheads (comedones). Inflammation may then develop making the spots look red (papules and pustules).

Nicam Gel

To treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris (when the spots have turned red). Nicam Gel contains the active ingredient nicotinamide, which is the physiologically active form of vitamin B3 and has significant anti-inflammatory activity.

Summary of Product Characteristics and Patient information leaflet